Full Stack Developer currently working with MERN Stack.

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Hadi Abdallah.

Welcome to my humble portfolio.

I’m Hadi, a Self-Taught Full Stack developer, built my first website at the age of 15. Worked with MERN Stack with hands-on experience. I have completed several projects including a full stack booking web app, an NGO landing page, with junior experience in coaching, accounting and auditing.

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G-Lounge LB

MERN Stack

Gaming Lounge Reservation Web App.

A gaming lounge reservation web app with user, admin, and super admin authentication. Users can edit profiles, add, delete, and view reservations. Admins can book reservations for multiple users, mark them as "sitted," and access user history. Super admins have all admin permissions and can also create/delete admin accounts, change hours prices and offers. updates the queue list in real-time. I used MongoDB as a database, Express JS as the Backend framework, React JS as the Frontend Library, Node JS as the Backend Runtime, and library for the realtime queue list.


Vanilla JS

CareerSpack Business Landing Page.

Your one-stop for all your professional needs. Crafted with Vanilla JS, HTML and CSS.

1Way Plumbing

React JS

1Way Plumbing Company Landing Page.

A Landing Page for a company, I worked on both the figma design and the code, it uses ReactJS and as a CMS, all data on the website is editable.

The Assets Advisors

Vanilla JS

Luxury Assets Landing Page.

A Landing Page for a Luxury Asset Company Located in Dubai.

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